We're Okay
General Information
Sung By Joanne Jefferson
Song Guide
I'll Cover You
Christmas Bells


[on cellular phone]
The Murget Case?
A Dismissal!
Good Work Counselor
[The pay phone rings]
We're Okay
Honeybear - Wait!
I'm On The Other Phone
Yes I Have The Cowbell
We're Okay
[into cellular phone]
So Tell Them We'll Sue
But A Settlement Will Do
Sexual Harassment - And Civil Rights Too
Steve, You're Great
(into pay phone)
No You Cut The Paper Plate
Didja Cheat On Mark A Lot Would You Say?
We're Okay
Honey, hold on...
[into cellular phone]
Steve, hold on...
[SHE presses call waiting button on
cellular phone]

Dad - Yes
I Beeped You
Maureen Is Coming To Mother's Hearing
We're Okay
[into pay phone]
Honeybear - What?
Newt's Lesbian Sister
I'll Tell Him
[into cellular phone]
You Heard?
[into pay phone]
They Heard
We're Okay
[into cellular phone]
And To You Dad
[She presses call waiting as she says into
pay phone)
Yes - Jill Is There?
[into cellular phone]
Steve Gotta -
[into pay phone]
Jill With The Short Black Hair?
The Calvin Klein Model?
[into cellular phone]
Steve Gotta Go!
[into pay phone]
The Model Who Lives In Penthouse A???
We're Okay

I'm On My Way

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