Voice Mail #2
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Sung By Mr and Mrs, Jefferson
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Light My Candle
Today 4 U

Maureen and Joanne's answering machine receives a message from Joanne's parents, but she is not home to hear it.


Maureen's Voice:
Hi. You've reached Maureen and Joanne. Leave a
message and don't forget "Over the Moon" - My
performance, protesting the eviction of the Homeless
(and artists) from the Eleventh Street Lot. Tonight at
midnight in the lot between A and B. Party at Life
Cafe to follow (BEEP)

Mr. Jefferson:
Well, Joanne - We're off
I tried you at the office
And they said you're stage managing or something

Mrs. Jefferson:
Remind her that those unwed mothers in Harlem
Need her legal help too

Mr. Jefferson:
Call Daisy for our itinerary or Alfred at Pound Ridge
Or Eileen at the state department in a pinch
We'll be at the spa for new year's
Unless the senator changes his mind

Mrs. Jefferson:
The hearings

Mr. Jefferson:
Oh yes - Kitten
Mummy's confirmation hearing begins on the tenth
We'll need you - alone - by the sixth

Mrs. Jefferson:

Mr. Jefferson:
You hear that?
It's three weeks away
And she's already nervous

Mrs. Jefferson:
I am not!

Mr. Jefferson:
For Mummy's sake, Kitten
No Doc Martens this time and wear a dress ...
Oh, and Kitten - have a merry

Mrs. Jefferson:
And a bra!!

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