Voice Mail 1
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Voice Mail 1 is the second song sung in Rent. The phone rings: On the answering machine, Mark's mother leaves her son a consoling, motherly message. Mark, who has just lost his girlfriend, Maureen, to another woman, screens the call.


(Mark and Roger's voice)

That was a very loud beep
I don't even know if this is working
Mark, Mark, are you there
Are you screening your calls?, It's mom

We wanted to call and say we love you
And we'll miss you tomorrow
Cindy and the kids are here, send their love
Oh, I hope you like the hot plate

Just don't leave it on dear
When you leave the house, oh and Mark
We're sorry to hear that
Maureen dumped you, I say, 'C'est la vie'

So let her be a lesbian
There are other fishies in the sea
Love mom

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