Tom Collins
Rent-Collins-Jesse L. Martin
General Information
First appearance Tune Up 2
Last appearance Finale B
Portrayed by Pat Briggs (1994)

Jesse L. Martin (1996 & 2005), Michael McElroy (2008)
Wayne Brady (2010)

Nickname(s) Collins
Gender Male
Occupation Anarchist Philosopher
Status HIV+
Significant other(s) Angel Dumott Schunard (lover)
Nationality African American
 An anarchist with AIDS. He is described by Mark as a "computer genius, teacher, and vagabond anarchist who ran naked through the  Parthenon." Collins dreams of opening a restaurant in Santa Fe, where the problems in New York will not affect him and his friends. He was formerly a roommate of Roger, Mark, Benny, and Maureen, then just Roger and Mark, until he moves in with Angel.

Biography Edit

Act IEdit


Act IIEdit




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