Taye Diggs
General Information
Birth Date January 2, 1971
Gender Male
Nationality African American
Role in Rent Benjamin Coffin III
Productions 1996 - Original Broadway Cast
2005 - Film Adaption
Scott Leo "Taye" Diggs (born January 2, 1971) is an American theatre, film and television actor. He is perhaps best known for his role as Benjamin Coffin III, or Benny, in the Original Broadway Cast of Rent. He reprised the role of Benny in the 2005 Film Adaption.


  • His nickname, Taye, comes from the playful pronunciation of Scotty as "Scottay".
  • Diggs married actress Idina Menzel, his Rent co-star, on January 11, 2003.

In CharacterEdit

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