Joanne Jefferson
General Information
First appearance Rent
Last appearance Finale B
Portrayed by See Actresses
Nickname(s) Pookie (Maureen)
Gender Female
Occupation Lawyer
Significant other(s) Maureen Johnson
Nationality African American

Joanne Jefferson is one of the main characters in RENT. She is based on the character Alcindoro in La Bohéme, but is also partially based on Marcello who Mark is based on.

Joanne is an Ivy League-educated public interest lawyer. Her parents are a judge and a government official, meaning that Joanne had a strict upbringing. Joanne has no nonsense when it comes to Maureen's bossiness and flirtatiousness, and will not hesitate to dump her on multiple occasions, leading to a rocky relationship between the two. However, she is easily forgiving when Maureen apologises for and admits her mistakes.


Act 1Edit

Act 2Edit




Solos (In a Group Number)Edit

Act 1
Song Sung with
Rent Mark, Roger, Benny, Collins and Company
La Vie Bohème Mark, The Waiter, Benny, Mimi, Collins, Roger, Angel, Maureen, Mr. Grey and Company
La Vie Bohème B Maureen, Bohemian girl, Mark, Angel and Company
Act 2
Song Sung with
Seasons of Love Company
Happy New Year Mark, Mimi, Roger, Collins, Angel and Maureen
Happy New Year B Mark, Mimi, Collins, Angel, Roger, Maureen and Benny
Seasons of Love B Company
Contact Angel and Company
I'll Cover You (Reprise) Collins and Company
Goodbye Love Mark, Roger, Mimi, Collins, Maureen and Benny
Finale Mark, Collins, Roger, Maureen and Mimi
Finale B Company


Notable actresses who have played the role of Joanne include:


  • Unlike the other main characters, Joanne is based on two characters from La Bohéme (Alcindoro and Marcello) rather than one. The Marcello characteristics are divided between Joanne and Mark. Joanne is also the only RENT character whose predecessor is the opposite gender.
  • Joanne is the complete opposite to her predecessor: she is a young female lesbian lawyer while Alcindoro is an elderly straight man.
  • Joanne's role in the 2005 film is slightly altered from the musical. In the film, she accompanies Mark to an interview with Alexi Darling, where she catches Maureen flirting with another woman. As a compromise, Maureen proposes to Joanne, and she accepts. At their engagement party, Joanne catches Maureen flirting once again.
  • Maureen dumping Mark for Joanne is based on Jonathan Larson's personal life, where one of his girlfriends dumped him for a woman.

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