General Information
Gender Female
Occupation Druggie
Status HIV+, deceased
Significant other(s) former Roger Davis
April Ericson was Roger Davis's old girlfriend, until she killed herself after finding out that she was HIV positive. She left a note for Roger telling them they both had AIDS before slitting her wrists. Mark reveals that Roger has been living in withdrawal for the past year due to April's suicide after discovering they both had AIDS (Tune Up 3


  • While in the musical April is only mentioned, in the 2005 film she is shown in a flashback during One Song Glory.
  • Is mentioned twice by name, in Tune Up 3 and again in Light My Candle.
  • Is played by Mackenzie Firgens in the 2005 film, the only time she makes a phycial appearance. In the musical, she is only mentioned.

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