Angel Dumott Schunard
Rent angel2
General Information
First appearance You Okay Honey?
Last appearance Contact
Portrayed by See Actors
Gender Male (biologically)
Female (identified)
Occupation Drummer
Status HIV+, Deceased
Significant other(s) Tom Collins

Angel Dumott Schunard is one of the main characters in RENT. (S)he is based on the character Schaunard in La Bohéme.

Angel is a young street performer and drag queen, who becomes Tom Collins' love interest. The two meet after Collins is mugged, and Angel takes him home. The two grow close over the course of the musical, and Angel buys Collins a new coat. Like Collins, Angel has AIDS, and attends the local Life Support group. Angel eventually dies from AIDS around the same time as Halloween, her favourite time of year.

Angel is close friends with several characters, including Mark, Roger, Joanne, and Maureen. In the 2005 film, Angel appears to be good friends with Mimi, implying that the two knew each other before Angel met Collins.


Act 1Edit


Act 2Edit





Notable actors who have played the role of Angel include:


  • While it is not made clear whether Angel is a drag queen or transgender, it is strongly implied that they are a drag queen, as they are occasionally seen out of drag (notably in their first appearance) and doesn't seem to mind being referred to by male pronouns.

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